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Dental Implants Turkey – Istanbul
Dis212 Türkiye is the Official Dental Clinic in Istanbul

dental implants, Diş 212

Welcome to our dental clinic in Turkey! We are dedicated to providing high-quality dental care to our patients in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our team of experienced and friendly dentists and staff are committed to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

We offer a wide range of dental services, including, dental implants, dental veneers, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and more. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology allow us to deliver precise and effective treatments that meet your individual needs.

At our clinic, we prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to make your dental experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We understand that visiting the dentist can be daunting, which is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Dental Implants Turkey – Istanbul


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All On 4, Dental Implant, Invisalign
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Dental Implants Turkey – Istanbul

Language support in English, French, Spanish and Russian

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Dental Treatments in Istanbul

All dental treatments are carried out in our clinic under sterile conditions. Our main treatment areas are dental implants, smile design, orthodontics, aesthetic dental treatments. We have over 10000 experience in dental treatment fields.

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    dental implants, Diş 212
    Nadire Cercioglu
    14. October, 2023.
    Kaza sonrası ön dişlerim kırıldığı için gittiğim klinik. Aykut hocam çekim implant işlemlerini büyük bir titizlikle yaptı. Bu süreçte hep cok yardımcı oldu ve istediğimizden de iyi bir sonuçla bitirdik tedavimizi. Herkese tavsiye edebilirim. Dr. Aykut bey ve ekibine cok teşekkür ediyorum 🙏🏻
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Muhammed Olcay
    14. October, 2023.
    Çok kıymetli Aykut Hocamıza ve ekibine teşekkür ederiz. Son güne kadar sabırla ilgilenip kırılan dişimizi tedavi ederek istediğimiz sonuca ulaştırdı.
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Adem Shabani
    13. October, 2023.
    This Dental Clinic is the best ,everyone is so helpful. Dr. Aykut Kosun is very professional, 8 implants less than one hour without any kind of complications or pain. Also the medical advisor Gizem is very knowledgeable making everything easy and smooth. I'm so happy with my choice to do the dental work in this clinic...a big thank you to all !
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Yinuo Zha
    9. October, 2023.
    The staff and doctors here are nice. I had my crown ready within 3 days. I will definitely come back again
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Andrew S
    9. October, 2023.
    Very pleased with the service I received from Dis 212 Dental Practic
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Haydia Bogdanovic
    24. September, 2023.
    They did my mums teeth and the teeth turned out beautiful. And thank you to the amazing staff at 212 Dental, who made the experience so wonderful. A special thank you, Dr. Aykut Kosun, for making my mum smile.
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Yasemin Takır
    22. September, 2023.
    Hastanenizden aldığımız diş hizmetinden çok memnun kaldık doktor Emre bey çok iyi bir doktor kesinlikle tavsiye ederim asistan İrem hanımın güleryüzü ve ilgisi de bizi çok mutlu etti teşekkür ederiz
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Furkan Gülağa
    21. September, 2023.
    Herkes çok ilgili ve güler yüzlüydü. Ayşe hoca ve asistanı Gamze hanıma ayrıca teşekkür ederim.
    dental implants, Diş 212
    Alex Sitdikov
    20. September, 2023.
    Very professional service. They respect your time and very customer focused businesses. I would say one of the best service I ever was gettting 👍. Well done guys and looking to see you in 3 Months 👋
    dental implants, Diş 212
    yunus emre cihan
    6. September, 2023.
    2 yılın sonunda tel tedavim bitti . Mükemmel bir hastahane. İlgilerinden dolayı başta Abidin hocaya ve ekibine teşekkür ederim .
    dental implants, Diş 212


    Today, you can customize and plan your smile design with Dis212, that offers individual treatment for each of their patients in order to improve the function and structure of your chewing as well as give you an aesthetic appearance.

    Contact us for Smile Design in Turkey.

    dental implants, Diş 212


    Dental implants offer a long-term solution to your missing teeth. They are permently fixed into patient’s jaw providing a complete natural look.

    Contact us for Dental Implants in Turkey.

    dental implants, Diş 212


    Cosmetic teeth straightening can correct minor alignment issues with your front teeth to boost your confidence and smile (Invisalign).

    Contact us for Dental Alignmet in Turkey.

    dental implants, Diş 212
    dental implants, Diş 212

    I am extremely happy with the treatment and results and would highly recommend

    Dental Implants

    After a thorough search flew to Istanbul and met several dentists, however, my last appointment was with Dr Aykut and instantly I felt at ease and decided that I would go with Dr Aykut as he was sincere and very clear and honest about my treatment, being a diabetic and heavy smoker who had neglected his dental hygiene, I was advised that chances were 50% of success. I decided to go ahead on Aug 20 with 6 mini implants on my upper jaw and 4 normal implants on my lower jaw, I gave up smoking and controlled my diabetes and on Jan 21 went to get my crowns etc put, I am extremely happy with the treatment and results and would hight recommend DIS 212 to anyone. Dr Aykut, Melek , Maria and the whole team are amazing.

    Chetan NIRANJAN Vyas, UK / 31.01.2021

    They look so natural and are very comfortable

    Dental Implants

    I would like to really thank Dr Aykut and his team for the excellent treatment that I received. He is an exceptional dentist and his dental assistant is very competent and so nice and reassuring. My implants are incredible; they look so natural and are very comfortable. They really feel like true teeth.

    Also, Maria is absolutely the best! She organised everything for me from my initial enquiry until the end of my second visit. Not only is she exceptionally professional, but she is also very kind, accommodating and full of superb advice. It is without hesitation that I provide this recommendation for Dis212.

    Tarek Aouati, France / 20.09.2020

    I am delighted with my new teeth

    Dentist Consultation

    The clinic was recommended by a friend who was really happy with his treatment. I also found them very professional, approachable and supportive during travel and our stay whilst there. The language was not a problem at all because Maria spoke several languages fluently. She and the others at the clinic made it a positive and a comfortable experience. I am delighted with my new teeth. They feel and look natural and reasonably priced.

    Safdar Iqbal, UK / 29.01.2021

    Are you considering dental implants?

    Dental Implants Turkey – Istanbul

    In recent years, the trend of traveling abroad for dental treatments has seen a significant rise, with “dental implants Turkey” becoming a popular search term for those seeking high-quality and affordable dental care. The increasing interest in dental implants Turkey is a testament to the country’s thriving medical tourism industry, which combines state-of-the-art facilities with experienced dental professionals.

    What makes dental implants Turkey a sought-after option is not only the cost-effectiveness but also the advanced technology used in Turkish dental clinics. These clinics offer a wide range of dental services, but dental implants Turkey stands out as a specialty, with many clinics having a high success rate in implant procedures. This success is attributed to the skilled dentists and the latest implant technology available in Turkey.

    Moreover, choosing dental implants Turkey means patients also get the opportunity to experience the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of Turkey. Many who travel for dental implants Turkey often extend their stay to enjoy a holiday, making the most of their visit. This blend of top-notch dental care, affordability, and tourism appeal continues to attract a growing number of patients globally to Istanbul for dental implants.

    dental implants, Diş 212

    All on 4 Dental Implants in Turkey

    When it comes to choosing a location for dental procedures, specifically dental implants, many are now considering Antalya for dental implants. The reason behind this growing trend is the combination of quality services and competitive pricing that Turkey for dental implants offers. Renowned for its advanced dental clinics and experienced professionals, Istanbul has become a hotspot for those seeking high-quality dental care at reasonable costs.

    One of the main attractions of Istanbul for dental implants is the cost-effectiveness. Patients can save a significant amount on dental procedures without compromising on the quality of care. The clinics in Turkey use the latest technologies and materials, ensuring that the dental implants are of the highest standard. Additionally, the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Turkey adds to the appeal for international patients.

    Choosing dental implants also means patients get to enjoy a mini vacation in a country known for its breathtaking landscapes and historical sites. This unique combination of high-quality dental care, affordability, and tourism makes Turkey an attractive destination for dental implants.


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