What Is Good For Toothache?

Toothache is very common during the early morning hours, late evening, or the night. There are many causes of toothache, such as bacteria build up inside the teeth, the decayed tooth, root canal, tooth decay, gum disease, and others. You may be wondering what is good for toothache. Dental floss can help you relieve your […]

Dental Implant Prices 2021

The future is here, and dental implant prices are here to stay. It has been predicted that lenders will offer dental implants at up to two hundred thousand dollars each by the end of 2021. By the end of next year, it is estimated that dental implant prices will have nearly triples or seven hundred […]

I Fast & Fixed Fixed Revolution

Nowadays, much faster treatments can be made thanks to the evolving technology and 3D imaging. Fast & Fixed is a comprehensive system built on implant placement in the jaw at the same time in the patient. It allows dental implantation, dental implant placement and dental restoration on the same day. Benefits The biggest advantage of Fast & […]

Stress, mouth and teeth threaten your health!

Stress, oral hygiene and dental health is an important factor that directly affects the experts stress, mouth aphthous formation, bruxism (tooth tightening), dry mouth, gum disease, halitosis, precancerous lesions, such as many oral and dental diseases that lead to the cause. One of the most important diseases of our age, stress, headache, heart disease, obesity, […]