I الثورة السريعة والثابتة الثابتة

I Fast & Fixed Fixed Revolution, Diş 212

Nowadays, much faster treatments can be made thanks to the evolving technology and 3D imaging. Fast & Fixed is a comprehensive system built on implant placement in the jaw at the same time in the patient. It allows dental implantation, dental implant placement and dental restoration on the same day.


  • The biggest advantage of Fast & Fixed is that it provides instant fixed teeth. The patient is free of removable prosthesis on a day. Even the temporary fixed prosthesis offers serious comfort compared to the old fixed fixed prosthesis.
  • There is usually no need for a second surgical procedure in this system. The constant permanent prosthesis can be started by taking a direct measurement. The same comfort continues as the patient can use temporary fixed prostheses until a permanent permanent prosthesis is made.
  • It provides the possibility of making a fixed prosthesis to patients with lower jaws where bone melts are intense.
  • The upper jaw with sinus growth provides the opportunity to escape from the sinus without having to perform sinus lifting in the posterior areas. In this way, a more traumatic patient saves a large surgical procedure.
  • With this system, fewer implants can be implanted because longer implants can be placed.


  • In this system, زراعة الأسنان are applied with tooth extraction. If your doctor sees fit for the same session temporary prosthesis is taken to the same day in your mouth with teeth out of the clinic. At the end of the appropriate waiting period, re-measure and make the necessary rehearsals and make your permanent prosthesis.