La bouche et les dents stressées menacent votre santé !

Stress mouth and teeth threaten your health!, Diş 212

Stress, oral hygiene and dental health is an important factor that directly affects the experts stress, mouth aphthous formation, bruxism (tooth tightening), dry mouth, gum disease, halitosis, precancerous lesions, such as many oral and dental diseases that lead to the cause.

One of the most important diseases of our age, stress, headache, heart disease, obesity, nausea, skin diseases, stomach problems, such as body pain, brings with many diseases. Experts pointed out in a study published in the Journal of Parodontologie in 2007 that 56 percent of respondents stated that stress effectively prevented students from brushing and using dental floss, and stressed how stress poses an obstacle to oral hygiene.

Stress with many people, such as tobacco or alcohol, bad or negative habits that affect oral health, indicating that the experts, “risk factors for tobacco and alcohol, periodontal disease may affect the formation,” they said. They point out that cortisol hormone is elevated during the stressful period and this may cause periodontal disease.

Stress may adversely affect oral health

Stress, mouth ulcers, bruises, mouth dryness, gum disease, halitosis, precancerous lesions caused by many oral and dental disease, such as the formation of mouth aphthous formation of viruses, bacteria and some deficiencies in your immune system triggered in the form of small sores in the mouth it is emphasized.

Experts underlined that stress plays an important role in the formation of gingival diseases da There are some studies suggesting that stress can affect the practice of proper oral hygiene at home. Especially in young children under 18-20 years of age, stress is very important for oral health. Children and adolescents who have gone into stress tend to shut down and neglect their personal oral and dental care. When parents do not care about this stress, they are delayed in taking measures and this leads to big problems in the later years. Stress in 12-20 years of age, 18-30 years of bleeding, papillary loss and pain in the form of serious gum disease is preparing the ground, alı they say.

Stress may invite cancer patients in prosthetic patients

Bad mouth hygiene, which is an inevitable consequence of bad breath, business and social life also adversely affect the individuals living under this stress, with the reduction of saliva indirectly in the mouth of the smell of experts stating that the stress of the dentist in the later periods of patients using denture even worse by making pre-cancerous lesions, they can also invoke cancer.